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2024 Staff Team

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Garth Kydd

Co-Deputy Principals

Viv McLoughlin & Jacqui Jarvis


Lisa Dixon & Melissa Miller

Leadership Learning Community:

Mel Young, Sandra Davie 

Connecting Learning Community:

Mel Goodwin & Stephen Segrave

Exploration Learning Community:

Martin Thomson & Nichola Mead

Discovery Learning Community:

Courtney Mogensen 

Learning Support Officers:

Monica Broemmer, Lauren Doyle, 

Christine Williams, Danielle Prollius, Emma Dunne

Eric Sebastian, Samuel Cranage & Michelle Cuthbertson

Curriculum Enrichment:

Sarah Camilleri & Sarah Prendergast

STEAL staff (Science, Technology, English, Arts, Languages):

Maree Reus & Claire Lay


Kristiana Withers

Learning Diversity:

Vivien McLoughlin

Play Therapy:

Jessie Williams - Ballarat Play Therapy 0475 896 214 (available to Ballarat community)

McKillop Paw Pals (available to Ballarat community)

Gardens & Grounds Maintenance:

Phil Torpy & Alex McGoldrick

2024 Term Dates & Timetable

All schools including St James’ customise formal gazetted dates for the school year.  Variations include closure days for staff professional development, student excursions & formal assessments. Notifications of these variations are made at the start of each term.

Further information is provided in newsletters and via the St James' Parish School Audiri App.

Term 1

Start: Monday, January 29

(Students return Wednesday, January 31)

Finish: Thursday, March 28

Term 2

Start: Monday, April 15

Finish: Friday, June 28

Term 3

Start: Monday, July 15

Finish: Friday, September 20 

Term 4

Start: Monday, October 7

Finish: Friday, December 20

School Timetable

Session 1                  09:00am - 11:40am

 Lunch Break               11:40pm - 12:40am

Session 2                  12:40pm - 01:40pm

Recess Break               01:40pm - 02:20pm


Session 3                  02:20pm - 03:30pm 

School Office Hours: 8:15am – 4:15pm

Telephone: 5335 8750



Instagram: @sjsebastopol



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