The Power of Play

"For as long as there have been children, they have learned through play. They have learned by moving, exploring, discovering, practising, simulating, and experimenting with life, without punishment or penalty, with freedom and encouragement. Play, both intellectual and physical, is critical for the healthy growth and learning of a child."
-Pasi Sahlberg & William Doyle, Let the Children Play

At St James', we harness the power of play to foster the academic, social and emotional growth of children. We provide daily opportunities for children to play and develop connections to academic learning. Play features throughout the entire school, following a developmental sequence from Discovery through to Leadership. 

Playing helps children develop the skills they will need to thrive in formal academic settings. As a research based school, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for cognitive play, guided play, modelled play and free play. 


"Nothing lights up a child's brain like play"
-Stuart Brown