Transforming Lives through Learning

St James’ is a place of connection, community and belonging. Our school is located on a beautiful large block on the outskirts of Ballarat, filled with native trees, open spaces and extensive play areas. Through carefully designed learning opportunities, children have not only the time, but also the space to connect with one another and nature.

Our unique specialist program gives children the chance to visit the local Yarrowee Creek, design and plant vegetable gardens, learn about our natural environment and the changes that happen throughout the year. 

At St James', we recognise that learning through play is one of the most important ways that children grow and develop. Children have opportunities to play throughout the day, not just at designated recess times. Our teachers are there to support and guide children in their play,  promoting a sense of connection and belonging.

Our school also provides ample opportunity for children to engage in a variety of experiences, such as camps, sporting events and clinics, robotics and we even offer private tuition for a range of musical instruments and singing.

Learning and improvement is the goal at St James', not being better than others. Students at our school are reminded that achievement comes from effort and deep understanding, and that it's OK to fail or make a mistake, in fact, these can often lead to deeper learning!

Our professional staff have spent many years studying the science of learning and the art of building positive relationships based on respect and trust. The staff are committed to building a supportive, nurturing environment so that children can learn and thrive now and in the future. Staff understand and value the role of digital technology in assisting learning, however, technology is used sparingly and with purpose, ensuring that belonging, connection and relationships are at the core of our learning curriculum. 

St James’ has built partnerships with Deakin and Melbourne universities and been both nationally and internationally recognised with visitors from as far away as Sweden, the UK and New Zealand!

Our school is commited to ensuring every child learns, grows and thrives, everyday. If you would like to find out more about our wonderful school, please do not hesitate to contact us.