School Fees

At the Diocese of Ballarat Catholic Education Limited and St James' Parish Primary School:-

"We welcome all students and their families who share or respect our Catholic faith, values and traditions.  Catholic education is supported by State and Federal funding, with families contributing the balance of the cost of educating their children.  At times, some families are unable to meet their commitment to the full cost of education.  As a Catholic school system, we ensure fee relief mechanisms are available to support families in of time of need.  We encourage these discussions on enrolment or as these needs emerge."

St James' Parish School 2024 Fees

Fees are charged on an annual basis.  A school Fee Agreement plan must be submitted prior to the end of February and the first fee statement will be issued in February with the annual charges shown.  Subsequent fee statements will then be issued monthly.  Responsibility for school fee payments may be split between family members

2024 Annual Family Fees
Annual 2024 Tuition Fee  $1 255.00
Annual Capital Levy $   190.00
(this fee is levied for the ongoing capital upgrade of school facilites)
Total Per Family $1 445.00
2024 Annual Fees per Student
Plus Individual Student Fee $    220.00
Plus Technology Fee $      25.00
2024 Annual Excursion Fee per Student
Plus Discovery, Exploration and Connecting $    65.00
Plus Leadership $    85.00
Plus Leadership Camp $   385.00